卡丁车 kart

开标 bid opening

开发公司 development company

开发式扶贫 poverty reduction through development projects; development-oriented poverty relief

开发一代,储存一代,预研一代 (产品) to develop this generation of products while researching on the next generation of products

开放带动战略 strategy spearheaded by opening-up

开放式基金 open-ended fund

开工不足 enterprises running under their production capacity

开工典礼 commencement ceremony

开后门 under-the-counter deals; offer advantages to one's friends or relatives by underhand means

开门红 to begin well, to make a good start

开题报告 opening speech; opening report

开小灶 give special favor

开夜车 burn the midnight oil; work over night

坎儿井 karez

侃价 bargain

看跌/看涨期权 put / call option

看守政府,看守内阁,过渡政府 caretaker cabinet

抗美援朝战争 War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea

抗震棚 quake-proof shelter

考研 take part in the entrance exams for postgraduate schools

考研热 the craze for graduate school

烤烟型卷烟 Virginian-type cigarette

科技成果市场化、产业化 commercialize scientific and technological results; to gear sicentific and technological achievements to the market and production

科技成果转化 the commercialization of research findings

科技成果转化为生产力 transfer of scientific and technological achievements

科技含量 technology content

科技是第一生产力 Science and technology constitute a primary productive force.

科教兴国 rely on science and education to rejuvenate the nation

科研攻关 scientific research and tackle the key research project

可持续发展 sustainable development

可持续发展战略 strategy of sustainable development

可转换债券 convertible bond

刻录机 CD writer; disc-carving machine

课件(教师多媒体教学演示片) courseware

空嫂 married stewardess

空头支票 accommodation note, lip service

空中小姐 air hostess; air stewardess

恐怖大亨 terrorist mastermind

控股公司 holding company, controlling company

口蹄疫 foot-and-mouth disease

口头禅 pet phrase

扣帽子 put a label on

酷毙 extremely cool; the coolest

跨境交付(服务贸易) cross border supply

跨世纪工程 a trans-century project

跨越式发展 develop by strides

跨越式发展 great-leap-forward development

快速反应部队 rapid response force

快速立法 fast track

快速消费品 fast-moving consumer goods

快讯 news flash; flash

宽带(ADSL技术即非对称数字用户环路技术) ADSL (Asymetric Digital Subscriber Line)

宽带接入 broadband access

宽带接入网 broadband access network

宽带网 broadband networks

宽限期 grace period

亏损企业 enterprises running in the red/under deficit

困难职工 the needy

扩大公民有序的政治参与 Expand citizens' participation in political affairs in an orderly way

扩大内需,刺激消费 expand domestic demand and consumption

扩大中等收入者比重 Raise the proportion of the middle-income group

扩容 market expansion